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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Tuesday 14th July 2020 was the day our son was born, however being 25weeks & 3days will have its challenges. It all started from this point on, his journey starts now..

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The admission to hospital

Kasey said to me the she's being admitted and they've given her an injection of steroids. I panicked, what does this mean? Kasey said they didn't have a bed for her right now, so she was coming to see me in the car park. I drove the car around and picked her up from the entrance. We were both hungry and hadn't eaten, so we drove into the Main Street and grabbed some Subway.  Kasey explains what just happened and talking me through it all. I remember being quiet, unable to say much, just trying to understand and process it. She told me that the blood flow is restricting and they're very concerned. In case you're picking up half way...

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