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How long is two weeks, really?

The next two weeks after the 20-week scan was eternity! We picked our heads up and we kept on for the next few days. It was tough at times to comfort my wife as she broke down in tears over the news of our son not growing as he should. I remember reminding her that it's not her fault, that there's nothing we could do to help him and we just needed to get to the next scan in two weeks.

I felt like a liar. I was telling Kasey everything was going to be okay, when in actual fact I had absolutely no idea! I didn't know what was going to happen, I just needed to keep positive, tell her that everything was going to be fine and we just needed to make it to the scan. 

The OB mentioned that there are some tests that could be done at this point of the pregnancy to determine, if there is an external cause for the complications we are experiencing. I should probably mention what they were assuming it could be. The scan showed the placenta was of a pancake shape, a long skinny line that is normally a larger yet smaller, balloon shape. 

We did some tests, Kasey had some bloods taken to see if she'd picked up an infection along the journey. They took blood samples from both of us for genetic testing. They also did an amniocentesis, which is a big long needle into Kasey's tummy and into the amniotic sack and they take a sample of the fluid under ultrasound guidance. That was something pretty cool to have done when you think about it, yet absolutely terrifying! With my fear of needles, I didn't watch, I just held Kasey's hand and she took it like a champ! I was so proud of her, she was just gritting her teeth, squeezing my hand and getting through it. 

I forget the order in which they were all done now, but I think the blood test came back first, showing no infection in Kasey. Tick that off. Then the Amniocentesis came back which showed a part-duplicated chromosome. It had never been seen before, there was no records in the database of this, ever. So we had an appointment with a genetics councilor who basically, had no idea either. They wanted our genetic blood test to match up with our son to see if we carried the same interesting chromosome.

I did. After the results were matched up together, it was found that I too, have this part-duplicated chromosome. May have stemmed from the fact I was a premature baby or perhaps something else entirely unrelated. The thought was if i was living a healthy life with this part-duplicated chromosome, then our son should too. After all, the database is only as good as the information within. You don't see every person in the world lining up to be genetically tested. There could be thousands, tens of thousands or even millions through time and present with this same thing, but if they have never had their genetics tested, they'll never know.

I took this information pretty hard, I don't even think I've told Kasey about this. When I found out that my son and I share a potentially defective chromosome, I couldn't deal with myself! I blamed myself for what was happening to him. What Kasey was going through now. He's my son and she's my wide and I've given him a deficiency. All the silly things I had done in my life did this to him. All the junk food? The alcohol? Something within me, has affected him. I later learned that junk food & alcohol doesn't alter a humans chromosome but at the time, I didn't know that. 

You know when you think it's your fault that something bad happened and you wish you could change it? That's how I felt. I was angry with myself, simply put.

We've struck out all the external possibilities that could be causing our son's growth restriction. This only left one possible reason for his growth restriction.. Intrauterine Growth Restriction or IUGR which is caused by a placental issue. 

All these events are from more than the next two weeks post 20-week scan, but I wanted to explain the information gathering part in this blog as my next blog takes us up to our son's birth and from there on out, our son has a name..

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