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“I think I might be pregnant!?”

When Kasey suggested I should write a blog for our business adventure, I thought to myself.. 'Why'? I don't think anyone would be interested to know my experiences in life.

Who would want to read a blog written by a 27-year-old man who, arguably, did everything right. Who followed old and new ‘ways of life,’ only to be stricken with the harshest tragedy possible to him?

So I decided that I’d write something down, as my wife asked, and I guess I’ll wait for the feedback.. good, bad or indifferent. This is my story, after all.

There’s something that happened to me when I found out I was expecting a child.. I became selfish. I thought that at the age of 27, I now had to turn my focus to a baby that was not able to look after itself. I would need to take care of a baby! It felt daunting! I was scared! I didn’t think I was ready.. even though I’d made the decision to try for a baby.

I could never forget the day Kasey walked from the bedroom to the lounge room. If you haven't visited our home, its a long hallway passage of about 15 meters. Every foot step grew louder as she walked closer to me..

She’d mentioned to me earlier that day, that she thought she could be pregnant! I didn't think much of it as we'd been only trying for 2-3 months and our OB at the time suggested a 20% each month for conceiving.

She only had one test in the ensuite and when she walked down the hallway and looked at me sitting on the couch.. she said, “I think I might be pregnant!?” To which I jumped up, out of my seat, to see the result.

The faintest line you could’ve imagined! Kasey said, “I’m in a group on Facebook and this test is apparently not very accurate..” So I decided we’d go buy more. A quick trip to the local pharmacy to purchase a different brand which is apparently more reliable. We arrived home and Kasey took another test, the wait felt like eternity.. but sure enough, a faint line appeared!

We were absolutely ecstatic! Filled with joy that after trying for only a short amount of time, we had done it! We went out to dinner that night with my parents and it took every inch of my being not to tell them we were expecting, I was that excited!

The first few weeks went by whilst I was in Sydney on Navy courses and all of a sudden a COVID-19 outbreak occurred in Australia! It was all over the news and social media. We couldn’t even have a gender reveal with our family, instead we had the gender reveal balloon in our house and recorded it to share with our family and friends. I felt as though our right to have a gender reveal was ripped away from us.. how insignificant that looks now!

I think that’s enough for now but, if you’d like me to continue on with my story, please let me know. Remember to provide feedback for me please. Feel free to communicate with us via our social media pages. 



  • Kylie

    Thank you for sharing, it’s not often you hear the mans side and being so raw and honest is nice to hear. I think you have an incredible platform to share your story and make a difference in people’s lives along with getting support to navigate your way through life as you now know it. I started following Kasey sometime ago and have followed your heartbreak through Instagram, everyone has their own story and we all handle things in different ways. I look at you both in awe at the courage you both have to get up each day and keep moving forward. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts, heartache, raw honesty, and courage to keep going. Please keep sharing your blogs.

  • Emma

    Trent, please continue your blog. It’s so important to hear from the partners

  • Ben Macaulay

    Well written mate. Good on you for standing up and sharing your journey. Keep it up man.

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