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"...It's a sign the baby is happy."

Thank you to everyone who communicated their feelings through DM, Facebook, Instagram and commenting directly on the blog! You've given me the courage to continue writing my story..

So where was I? We'd fallen pregnant and I'd been away for a month in Sydney doing some courses for the Navy. I return home and life is pretty good. I mean, the world is slowly being infected by COVID-19 and lock-down is about to hit the country, but I was happy to just be at home with Kasey and our bundle of joy growing inside her. 

I remember Kasey going to her second OB appointment..I missed the first one due to being in Sydney. I was so mad that I was denied the opportunity to support my wife and see my baby. I wasn't allowed to attend as restrictions were in place, but Kasey brought home a little white piece of glossy paper, a photo, which had the smallest outline of a baby.. that was my baby!

The weeks ticked on and Kasey began to feel tired, like really tired! But, I kept saying to her that if all you had to deal with was being tired, I think you're doing well! She hadn't suffered from morning sickness which was something I was dreading and her appetite seemed normal. None of those late night trips to 'Woolies' like you see on TV. Kasey was travelling absolutely amazingly, I was so proud of her.

I think the lock down had happened and we were coming up to 20 weeks. So probably around the 18 week mark I think we met with the OB and did a normal check up. It was the first time I'd get to see my baby on a monitor. It was fantastic! Seeing him moving around, "very active" the OB would say. I asked if that was a good thing and she replied, "Yes, it's a sign the baby is happy."

I was feeling pretty good about how Kasey's pregnancy was going, the baby seemed like he was doing well and Kasey was doing great. 

The next scan was the '20-week growth scan' and I was finally allowed to attend the Ultra Sound rooms... This scan changed the course of action for our lives and little 'Bodhi,' forever!


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  • Ben Macaulay

    Doing great mate!!

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