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The 20-week growth scan

The time had finally come. I was allowed to attend the Ultra Sound Imaging Room. I was so excited! I told work I'd be in late and I was geared up ready to see my son. 

We arrived and we had to wear a mask inside and sign-in. All new things at the time however, its a part of life now, right? I mean, where was the QR code!

We waited for only a few minutes and then a lady called us into a small room. This room wouldn't be much bigger than your bedroom. There was a TV on the wall, two chairs, a big dentist-looking chair and then the ultrasound equipment. Kasey made her self comfortable and I remember the apology from the imagery technician for the cold gel as we were the first scan of the day. 

The usb stick started recording the scan and away she goes, maneuvering the ultra sound around Kasey's tummy, having a good look at our baby. First the heart beat, then into some measurements. This was so mind boggling to me, I'd never seen this before.. well one time with my in-laws but it's not the same when its your own baby. My eyes are glued to this two-toned image of a little baby, moving around, having the time of his life. 

Kasey must've noticed something with the initial measurements, as she asks the technician, 'is he a bit little?' or something to this effect.

The technician kind of brushed off the question, saying "I need to measure the whole baby." The measurements are taken and the screen shows a graph with the details. She says, "You're baby is a little bit on the small side." I didn't know what that really meant, I mean i knew babies are born all different shapes and sizes. Kasey fired off some questions to the lady about possible issues.

She said we'd need to see our OB and the resident doctor will review our scan in the afternoon. The phone call was made and an appointment for the next day! Then, right then, things started to sink in that what's happening, isn't normal. Something..isn't..good!

We left the Ultra Sound rooms and went to the car. As soon as we shut the doors, we both started to cry. I tried to be strong for Kasey, but I couldn't hold my tears back. What does this mean? Why is he small? Will he be okay? All questions we wanted to know, yet no one could answer us. We had to wait 'til tomorrow..

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