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The 24-week scan

When we had the 22 week scan, I forgot to mention that our son grew 2 weeks in size. This was a massive relief as this showed us that our son was still growing and this means our pregnancy will be okay, hopefully. 

Our OB said to us that she will be transferring us to a high-risk OB who will manage our pregnancy from 24 weeks, as at that point, any baby isn't deemed viable prior to this time, apparently.

So we met our new OB on a Monday I think it was, we'd just passed 24 weeks. She was quickly up-to-speed with our situation and talked us through the game plan from here on and what to expect. She had a look at our son and noticed that the blood flow through the cord was restricted. It was something of concern, but we can monitor this in future scans.

I remember leaving the rooms of this new OB and thinking, "This person has her head switched on." She just knew everything! I mean you expect professionals to know a lot and pretty much everything, but to sit down and talk and listen to someone who just knew what to do, who seemed to have been through this all before and how to relay this technical medical information was crazy.

I felt so informed, so confident in the woman's ability & skill. The care she had already for my wife, my unborn son and even me to the extent where she was making sure I'm okay with everything that's happened. It really speaks volumes to how amazing, this woman really is!

Wednesday. It was two days ago we met our new OB and we are back at our local imagery specialist for a 24 week scan. He's still growing in there, he grew 13 days from the 14 days since scanning which now put him 2 weeks & 1 day behind, but the key was he's still growing! It was the best measurements to see!

Whilst him growing was great news, the scan showed that the blood flow was deteriorating, faster than anticipated. This was a concern for the imaging staff, who called in the resident OB to view the graphs and they even tried getting a clearer or better graph.. they couldn't. The resident called our OB and explained the findings. It was very unsettling, having to wait for someone else to call your OB. They moved us from the imaging room to a private sitting room. The daunting minutes whilst we waited for someone to tell us what was going on or what we need to do.

I felt sick to my stomach, I was scared for my wife & unborn son. That unknown feeling comes back yet again. So many times already, I've had this feeling of not knowing what's going to happen next and I don't like it, not one bit!

The resident OB comes back to find us in this private sitting room, sitting patiently, worried about what is happening and having absolutely no clue as to what is going to come out of her mouth..

The first sentence that came out of her mouth, cracked me like an egg..

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  • Lauren

    Great work Trent. Beautifully written from your account so far. I hope you and Kasey get your blogs shared far and wide, so great to hear your journey from both your perspective

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