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The admission to hospital

Kasey said to me the she's being admitted and they've given her an injection of steroids. I panicked, what does this mean? Kasey said they didn't have a bed for her right now, so she was coming to see me in the car park. I drove the car around and picked her up from the entrance. We were both hungry and hadn't eaten, so we drove into the Main Street and grabbed some Subway. 

Kasey explains what just happened and talking me through it all. I remember being quiet, unable to say much, just trying to understand and process it. She told me that the blood flow is restricting and they're very concerned. In case you're picking up half way or forgotten the cause of this; it's the result of an insufficient placenta, causing IUGR. 

We received a phone call from the ward and Kasey was admitted. Visiting hours are restricted to 1 person for 2 hours per day. They were in 2 blocks, 1-3pm or 5-7pm. Being the only person allowed to visit Kasey in the hospital placed an enormous pressure on me. There was no opportunity for Kasey's family to visit as they live in Queensland and couldn't travel due to Victoria in Lockdown, no one from my family was allowed to visit either due to only 1 'support person' being allowed to visit. 

Every day after work I'd visit Kasey from 5-7pm. The Friday, Kasey received the second dose of the steroids, I'll explain what they are.. It's called Celestone, its job is to assist the unborn baby's lungs to develop & prepare for life. Helping the stiffness of premature lungs to breath. Now, I'm sure there's many other things it does, but this was explained to us. If you have a question, comment below.

Now Kasey has the steroids on board and we're hoping that we can continue the pregnancy for some time to come. Over the weekend she was scanned every day, checking the baby and blood flow. By Sunday it'd been the worst they had seen. No cause for panic, but the trend analysis showed the blood flow restricting. 

Monday had seen nil change, wasn't better, wasn't worse. I remember visiting her that night feeling hopeful that if the days continue like this, then we might be able to make it to the 3rd trimester. That night, I received a phone call from the nurses, it's around midnight, the message to me was this.. Kasey has been taken to the Birth Suite. She has high blood pressure and a pain in her upper-right quadrant. I didn't know what that meant at the time, but they assured me that Kasey will be ok and to wait until morning.

The next morning, was Tuesday 14th July 2020..

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