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"You need to pack your bags, you're going to Monash Hospital"

The first sentence the resident OB said to us after walking into the room was something along the lines of, I've spoken with your OB and we think you'll need to go to hospital. 

I remember the fright! "Why?" Why is this happening? Our pregnancy is only 24 weeks along, we don't need to go to hospital yet?

She told us that we needed to pack our bags and we need to go to Monash Hospital tomorrow morning.

I was in total disbelief. No way this is happening. I understood the words that she was saying but I didn't understand why.

Kasey and I were totally broken. I remember leaving the ultrasound clinic, the staff were wishing us all the best, saying that they'll be thinking of us. It felt weird, it felt like what they were saying wasn't normal. It felt forced. We sat in the car for a minute and cried our eyes out. I was absolutely shocked!

Kasey rang her mum straight away to tell her and I think we called my mum after that. Telling my mum that we are going to hospital due to serious issues with our pregnancy broke her. My mum had her own pregnancy battles. My parents struggled so much that on my wedding night, my dad thought it'd be appropriate to share how difficult it was to have myself and my younger sister during his 'father of the groom' speech. Time and place, Dad.

The next morning, Thursday, 9th July 2020, middle of winter and we drive to Monash Hospital in Clayton, Victoria. COVID-19 is a thing yeah, so the hospital didn't allow me in to be with Kasey. I had to sit in the car and wait for a phone call from Kasey.

She went in, made her way to an area where the hospital staff conduct ultrasounds on expecting mothers. I think the OB met Kasey in there for it. 

The hour-long wait for Kasey to call me with info on how the scan went felt like 8 hours! I think my phone nearly went flat. 

Eventually my phone rang and it was Kasey. I asked her what happened and informed her how annoyed I was that I couldn't be with her in the hospital. She said the scan was alright. But what she said next, confirmed my fears..

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