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The 24-week scan

We meet our new High-Risk OB who's going to take care of Kasey for the remainder of her pregnancy and we are thrown yet another curve ball to try and get past.. only this time, we couldn't.

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How long is two weeks, really?

I talk through the tests we did to try and find out why our son wasn't growing as he should and find out something that I took really hard. We get the answer to why our son wasn't growing as he should too.

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The Unknown

The night after our 20-week scan we received a phone call from our OB who, I guess, really wanted to talk to us before we went to bed that night dwelling on the terrifying information we received that day. After all, we were seeing her the next day too.

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The 20-week growth scan

The 20 week growth scan is a routine scan, the specialists measure your baby, check the gender and all of the anatomy. That was the basics told to me. Sweet! Sounds simple? Wrong!

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